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How To Play
  • Download the APK file and then and install it on your device. While installing check the internet efficiency to avoid technical issues.
  • Log in with your phone number, it will be verified by the system automatically with CAPTCHA Code to check your human availability to give you access.
  • When the game begins, you need to guess a number, and at the same time, your opponent also does the same. In this game, you can have game-play with 2 players or 4 players. Select the pool and start the game. The pool prize starts from 9/- Rs. to 49/- Rs. and the winning pool is up to 48/- Rs.
  • After guessing that particular number you need to select it. Your selected number will be canceled. Well, guess and select the number wisely.
  • Do this guessing and selecting process of the numbers one by one repeatedly. And in the process, if you guess your opponent's selected number, that number will be canceled and you will be the winner.
  • The winning money of yours will be added to your bank account. All you need to do is, add money at the start of the game and here you are ready to play for fun & earning.You can pay with your bank account, wallet, debit card, or net banking.
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